FBS Nursing Education Center is a training and education-based organization designed to train healthcare professionals on the total Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI), MDS (Minimum Data Set) 3.0 Process.

The trainings will both serve to teach and prepare new applicants for the position of MDS Coordinator and enhance the skills of those currently involved in the MDS 3.0 process.

FBS Nursing Education Center has been training clinicians on the MDS/RAI since 2002.  We know first-hand how important this dynamic tool is in serving the Long-Term Care industry. The MDS 3.0, developed by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is a comprehensive assessment tool used primarily to assist facilities in providing Quality Nursing Care.

Just as important, it is also utilized to determine reimbursement rates for State & Federal (Medicare) funding programs.

The MDS 3.0 Coordinator Certification program meets once a week for 6 sessions to assure that its trainees are equipped with the knowledge that is required to assist Skilled Nursing Facilities in successfully reporting Quality of Care, & Maximization of State and Federal Reimbursement programs for the facilities that they serve.



























The RAI MDS 3.0 process was developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to promote quality of care and for reimbursement programs. The position of a MDS Coordinator serves as a very important role in the Long-Term Care settings. Each Coordinator leads the responsibility in efficiently & accurately completing the MDS/RAI process to assure Quality of Care and to maximize reimbursement for the services rendered. Becoming a MDS Coordinator will allow you to become a part of the management team within the Long-Term care setting.

FBS Nursing Education Center has been training successful new MDS Coordinators since 2002. We have developed a comprehensive 6 week training to especially serve new clinicians to the MDS/RAI Process.

We believe that new clinicians need ample time and practice to successfully perform in a facility as MDS Coordinators.

Program Objectives Include:
Understanding the principles and process of RAI/MDS 3.0
Understanding MDS 3.0 Coding for OBRA and PPS
Accurately assessing Activities for Daily Living for the MDS (ADLs)
Understanding PPS/Medicare Timing and Scheduling
Completion of Care Area Assessment Summary (CAAS)
Understanding the MDS/Careplan Coordinator roles and responsibilities
Understand RUG IV classification system for Medicare billing
Receive certification upon successfully completion of Basic MDS 3.0 & MDS 3.0 for PPS/ Medicare exams -MDS Coordinator Certification Program (MDS-CCP)
Tools to get you started!

The training also includes a sample resume and tips on interviewing for positions.
We will even assist you in writing your resume! (additional fees do apply)
We offer ongoing support to each student for one year post completion of the program.

Our program has worked for several nurses obtaining positions immediately following our trainings.
Employers that advertised “experienced only” have trusted our graduates to fill their positions!

We offer convenient ways that you can obtain your personal and professional goal of becoming a MDS Coordinator


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