Nursing Review Center

Welcome to Nursing Review Center. We are so glad and honored that you have chosen to come here for your NCLEX review. Realizing that there are many review books in the market, and in fact we do recommend that you at least review some of the better ones but that is simply not enough for you to do well in the high pressure, high-stakes environment of the test day.

How well you do on this test will have a significant impact on your future and our goal is to provide you with the contents that you need to succeed and the tactics weapon to exploit weakness in the test itself and help you avoid the most errors students make when taking the NCLEX.

We have helped thousands of students from across United States achieve their dream of becoming Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse. You can be one of these successful statistics by joining our next review.

For the period of our review, we go through:
  • The most important aspect of medical-surgical Nursing, pediatrics Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Psychiatrics nursing, Fundamentals and Pharmacology.
  • Hundreds of NCLEX-style questions with detailed explanations
  • Test taking strategies

We advise you to always be on time and attend every section of the review. Listen attentively, take a detail note and pay attention to the highlights and those sections where you may have a particular weakness.

Finally, we advise you to study very hard and be well prepared before attempting the exam. We would be delighted to hear from you. Share your “YES I MADE IT” success story with us by clicking on Testimonials or by calling us at 301-277-5580

Thank you very much for your business and we wish you continued success.


Bola Oyeneyin BA (ed.) MSN, RN
Executive Vice President